2023January 2008

February Event Free to participate Yes

Notice of store event in February Both events do not require reservations, so please feel free to join us.Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。


Winter Goods Sweep SALE Half Price

Hello! Baby and Kids shop in Omaezaki Four leaf Up to 50% OFF or more!! February 6(moon)Until the Winter Cleaning SALE is being held In this SALE, if you have a Four leaf stamp card, you will get 10% off the total amount of shopping, including SALE items, fixed-price products, and lucky bags. So half-price products are even more profitable Unprecedented large-scale behavior! !! Don't miss this opportunity!! #エクストララージ #エックスガール #プティマイン #半額SALELanguageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Harry Potter Collaboration Products

Harry Potter collaboration items are newly in stock! !! It is an item that makes you want to go to USJ Curious what kind of item it is? Check it out in our Instagram post. Four Leaf Instagram is here! Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Baby Massage Class Life with Babies

It's Four Leaf! Yesterday, January 13th, was the day of the baby massage class What! Six moms and babies participated, the largest number ever. The Four Leaf staff is also warm from start to finish with very cute babies and happy mothers. The instructor, Dr. Fujiwara, is a certified instructor at the midwifery hospital "Ohana Midwifery Hospital" in Omaezaki City! Reading picture books by Mr. Fujiwara, a former nursery teacher, is also one of the pleasures of this baby massage. After the baby massage, you will take home a cute Four leaf product as a souvenir. What kind of souvenirs you can get is something to look forward to on the day. ーーHow to participateーー The next baby massage class will be on February 17th.(gold)Are! You can make a reservation at the Four leaf store, by phone, or on Instagram, or you can make a reservation from Professor Fujiwara's Instagram! If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Contact us(Four leaf phone)0537-28-7405 -(Massage oil substitution included) What to bring: Bath towel, hydration, diapers and other items for going out with the baby Participation guide: Children 2 months ~ 1 and a half years old are expected to participate, but please contact us for children of ages other than the above.Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。


American Hickory

Everyone who came to the first sale! Thank you very much The discount sticker of the product remains the same, so you can still get X-girl, XLARGE, and other products at a great price ~! New Stock Striped Pants / Tapered Denim Size: 80~130cm 2,750 tax included each By the way, did you know that "hickory" is "denim fabric with white lines"? Denim, which has been worn as work clothes for a long time, is called "hickory" and is a fabric made with striped patterns to make dirt less noticeable. "Stripe" refers to the pattern itself. It's a classic design that is indispensable for American style now. Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。


First sale until tomorrow

Tomorrow 1/9(moon)Held until 2023 first sale! Tomorrow is the last day! Everyone who has already visited us! thank you It's a chance to get winter things at a great price using coupons, and spring things at a great price! Popular brands "X-girl" and "XLARGE" are also at SALE price. Products at the SALE price will also be an additional 10% off the total amount of purchase! If you haven't visited yet, be sure to check out the bargains The rest! There is one X-girl lucky bag, 130cm left.Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。


The first sale has begun!!

Happy New Year! Finally, the first sale of Four Leaf has started today! Up to 40% off in the store! XLARGE and X-girl are 20% off!(Lucky bags and socks are not eligible.) In addition! 10% off the total amount of purchases with LINE Coupons Lucky bags are also available! 〇F.O.KIDS Fukubukuro 〇SERAPH Fukubukuro 〇XLARGE Fukubukuro 〇X-girl Fukubukuro Popular products and lucky bags are sold out in the desired size!? Oh my God...! If you are interested, please get it as soon as possible.Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。

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