Baby Massage Class Life with Babies

It's Four leaf!

Yesterday, January 13th, was the day of the baby massage class

What! The largest number of pairs ever
6A group of mothers and babies participated

Very cute babies and happy moms
The Four leaf staff is also warm from beginning to end.

The lecturer, Mr. Fujiwara,
Certified instructor of the midwifery clinic "Ohana Midwifery Hospital" in Omaezaki City!
Reading picture books from Mr. Fujiwara, a former nursery teacher,
It's one of the pleasures of this baby massage

After the baby massage,
You will take home a cute Four leaf product as a souvenir
What kind of souvenirs you can get is something to look forward to on the day.

--How to participate--

The next baby massage class will be on February 17(gold)Are!

You can make a reservation at the Four leaf store, by phone, or Instagram.
You can make a reservation from Dr. Fujiwara's Instagram!

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us
Contact us(Four leaf phone)0537-28-7405

2Baby Massage Classes on the Moon
Date: February 17, 10:30 a.m. for about 1 hour
Participation fee: 1,700 yen(Massage oil substitution included)
What to bring: bath towel, hydration,
Diapers and other items for going out with babies

Suggested participation: Children aged 2 months ~ 1 and a half years old
As a guideline for participation
Please contact us for children of other ages
Four leaf ロゴ
Zip 437-1612
TEL 0537-28-7405