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Four leaf

Sold out continuously!!
A very popular toy in Four leaf,
Introducing Camping Sets and Coffee Makers

◎ Camp Set ◎ F.O. International

A full-fledged homebrew set ★ where you can enjoy a big boom camp in your room or garden
All 9 types are included. It is an all-in-one set with a tent
Because it is a popular product, it was currently SOLD OUT, but it has been decided to restock!
We will contact you as soon as it arrives.

◎ Coffee Maker ◎ F.O. International

It sounds like you're putting real coffee in a kopokopo!
There is also a cash register, and you can open a coffee shop with this one
This one is currently in stock at 2 pieces!
If you are considering purchasing, please do so as soon as possible

You can also buy it from the Four leaf online shop


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